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Brow Lift

Voorhees & Sewell, NJ.

Aging can make brows sag, causing a weary look. Counter this with Dr. Kam’s brow lift in Voorhees and Sewell, NJ. Her innovative procedure promises a youthful lift to your brows, resulting in a smoother forehead and revitalized appearance. Embrace refreshed confidence with a personalized plan to accomplish your aesthetic goals.

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A brow lift can provide many benefits, such as tightening deep creases and loose skin, reducing frown lines and deep forehead wrinkles, and restoring a more vibrant facial expression.
A brow lift reduces the appearance of deep furrows and wrinkles for a more youthful look

Benefits of Brow Lift

Sagging skin can cause the eyebrows to look heavy and flat, and crowd the eyes. Dr. Kam customizes the brow lift to match the patient’s goals and concerns. A brow lift can help:

  • Tighten deep creases and loose skin
  • Reduce frown lines and deep forehead wrinkles
  • Remove excess skin on the forehead
  • Leave hidden incisions that give barely perceptible scars
  • Restore a more vibrant facial expression
  • Reestablish a natural and youthful appearance

The eyebrows significantly impact our emotional expression through our eyes. As individuals age, they may experience drooping eyebrows, leading to forehead wrinkles, lines, and tired-looking, hooded eyes. While temporary solutions like Botox or fillers can be considered, a brow lift is a surgical procedure aimed at lifting the eyebrows and reducing forehead lines and wrinkles.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as browplasty or a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the appearance of horizontal lines across the forehead and vertical creases between the eyebrows. A brow lift can raise sagging brows, which causes hooded, tired-looking eyes. After brow lift surgery, the eyes tend to appear younger, more alert, and refreshed.

Traditional brow lift techniques use incisions in the scalp or along the hairline. The endoscopic lift uses 3 to 5 short scalp incisions, each less than 1 inch long. Dr. Kam is well versed in both surgical techniques and considers the patient’s hairline, hair density, and individual goals when creating surgical plans to achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Kam performs brow lifts alone or in conjunction with complementary treatments, such as eyelid surgery, facelift, or skin resurfacing.

A brow lift in Voorhees and Sewell, NJ can help reduce forehead wrinkles and lines for a youthful look.
A brow lift can help to firm and tighten forehead skin for a smoother appearance

Brow Lift Consultation 

Dr. Kam sees potential browplasty candidates in Voorhees and Sewell, NJ. She reviews patients’ medical history and listens carefully to their concerns and goals before recommending individualized treatment options. She then discusses the expected outcome, differences between types of brow lifts, possible risks, preparation, and recovery. Her ultimate goal is to help each patient achieve healthy, realistic, natural-looking results.

Before a brow lift, patients should talk to their doctor about medications, follow medication instructions, and quit smoking one month prior to surgery.
By following the preparation instructions, patients can achieve better results from their brow lift

Brow Lift Preparation

Dr. Kam provides her patients with presurgical and post-surgical instructions during the consultation. Aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, prescription blood thinners, and some vitamins and supplements may increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Before the surgery, patients should discuss all medications with Dr. Kam and follow her instructions on any medication changes before and after surgery. Patients should stop smoking at least 1 month before surgery as smoking decreases blood flow to the skin and hinders healing.

On the day of surgery, patients should dress comfortably and wear a button-up or zip-up top. They should also avoid hair products, perfumes, and lotions on the day of the surgery. A family member or friend must provide the patient’s transportation to and from surgery.


Patient Reviews

My surgery went very well and she did an awesome job getting my nose straightened the way I desired! Dr. Kam is a very extraordinary lady and her heart is made of gold!! I’d strongly recommend her to everyone looking to get surgery!!!

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Dr. Kam is amazing. I received filler to the tip of my nose and under eye … I love my results. The procedure was painless, swelling lasted 4 days. I’m so in love with my results!

  • Star full Star full Star full Star full Star full 5 stars

I am currently about 1.5 months out from my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kam and could not be happier with my decision. During my first consultation, Dr. Kam helped me navigate what I did and did not like about my nose and what I wanted my outcome to be. I asked for a very natural look and she was very honest about how to achieve this. She helped me make subtle…

  • Star full Star full Star full Star full Star full 5 stars

Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Kam customizes the procedure to match the patient’s needs and may recommend combining a brow lift with an eyelid lift or facelift to achieve the best results. Brow lift surgery typically takes about 1.5 hours, but it may take longer if combined with other procedures.

Classic brow lift (coronal brow lift or pretrichial browlift)

The classic coronal brow lift uses a continuous incision that starts at the ears and is hidden within the hairline. This type of brow lift uses an incision along the hairline at the top of the forehead. The surgeon will lift the brows and skin of the forehead, remove any excess tissue, and carefully close the incision to minimize scarring.

Endoscopic brow lift

The endoscopic brow lift uses shorter incisions placed inconspicuously on the scalp. The surgeon will insert a scope into one incision to guide the dissection performed through the other incisions. Dr. Kam lifts the forehead and eyebrows and places small anchors to secure the lifted tissue. The endoscopic technique has a shorter recovery period due to is a less invasive procedure than a traditional lift and creates shorter less visible scars.

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Brow Lift Recovery

Patients should follow Dr. Kam's instructions during recovery to minimize side effects and achieve the best results from their brow lifts.
Patients typically recover fully and see improved facial appearance within 3-4 weeks after surgery

After surgery, the surgeon will wrap the forehead area to minimize swelling. Patients should rest with their head elevated, and they can apply ice packs intermittently to reduce swelling. The forehead and scalp may itch and feel numb as the incision sites heal, but this will lessen over time. Dr. Kam typically removes the bandages after 1 day and the sutures in 7 to 10 days.

Dr. Kam will give the patient instructions on when to resume normal activities, including bathing, washing, and styling or coloring their hair. The swelling may last several weeks, and the incision will heal gradually and fade over time. After a discussion with Dr. Kam, patients can use makeup to conceal bruising if it occurs. Patients should contact the office with questions or concerns during the recovery period.

Brow Lift Cost

During the consultation, Dr. Kam will explain the details, expected results, and cost of brow lift surgery. While medical insurance typically does not cover brow lift surgery, Kam Facial Plastic Surgery offers payment options including Care Credit.

Common Brow Lift Questions

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